28 March 2020 – Canberra Wine Week tour


It’s harvest time again! To celebrate the new 2020 vintage, join our tour where we explore and taste everything that makes our Canberra Wine Region so unique.

Planning for the Canberra Wine Week festivities are still underway but our past tours have included grape stomping, barrel tastings and lots of behind the scenes action so we will be aiming for more of the same….just watch this space…

What’s included:

  • tastings at 4 wineries
  • lunch plus glass of wine
  • transport
  • our company and expertise!

Pick up time: between 8.30am – 10am depending on where you live.
Drop off time: between 4pm – 5.30pm depending on where you live

IMPORTANT NOTE re pick up and drop off:
Where possible, we will pick up and drop off from your house. However as Canberra is growing, we may ask that you get a lift to a more central location for pick up/drop off. This is so you can spend more time drinking wine and less time touring Canberra’s outer suburbs!

Next step……..   If you live more than 15km outside Civic, please email: info@vineswines.com.au  prior to booking.  We can negotiate an amicable arrangement for you so that the day is spent doing what we there for, enjoying wine.


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