Hello and welcome to Vines & Wines! Join us on a Canberra wine tour of the fabulous cellar doors surrounding our region and we’ll show you that wine tasting is fun and a great skill to have. No longer do you have to nod silently while folks around you talk about tannins, body and length – we’ll explain all this to you and more. Wine tasting is not for the elite, nor is it that complicated – it just takes practice, but what a great skill to practice over and over again…Canberra wine tour

Canberra Wineries

The wineries surrounding the Canberra district have been around since the 1830s and are now producing some of Australia’s finest vintages. The winemakers are also a creative lot with many wine styles you would usually find in France and Spain starting to come out of this region. In joining us for a Canberra wine tour, we’ll talk about traditional wine making styles of the Northern Hemisphere and how Canberra wines compare. With wine tasting, like with anything, the more you get to know and understand what you’re doing, the more you will enjoy it. It’s drinking and thinking – what’s not to love? Our Canberra winery tours will also showcase some of the regions local producers and you’ll be able to sample some fabulous local food matched with fabulous local wine.

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