Terms & conditions (the boring bits)

Payment details

Payment is required when booking your wine tour (not that we don’t trust you!). We usually take a $200 deposit to confirm your booking and to hold the date. The remaining balance and your final numbers are then due 10 days before the Canberra winetour departs.


If you have to cancel, we’ll be sad but just in case you do, here’s what happens:

  • If you give us at least 14 days notice, we’ll give you back 75% of your ticket cost
  • If you give us between 7-13 days notice, we’ll give you back 50%
  • If you give us between 3-6 days notice, we’ll give you back 25%
  • If you give us 2 days or less, no refund sadly


If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know and we’ll do our best to sort this out for you. Please note that as the wineries we visit for lunch are quite small, this isn’t always possible but we’ll let you know if this is the case and we can adjust your ticket price accordingly. If you want to bring a few snacks for the bus, that’s fine, just use common sense eg a packet of chicken flavoured chips is ok, a whole BBQ chicken and chips, is not.


Drinking, that’s what we’re here to do. It’s also a nightmare when it comes to insurance. We won’t bore you with the details but as our job is to try and impart some new knowledge onto you, here’s what we expect:

  • No heavy drinking before the tour please, don’t rock up drunk, it’s just not a good way to start the day
  • Wine thinking caps on, we don’t intend preaching at you but we do ask that you show some interest in learning a bit about wine. The wineries are pretty savvy regarding people who are just there to guzzle free booze – a bit of interest goes a long way.
  • No wine pests –eg don’t get so sloshed that you annoy other people. While we do want you to enjoy the amazing wines on offer, we don’t want to have to call you a taxi if you’re a risk to other passengers and our lovely clean van…We’ll call you a taxi but you’ll be the one paying for it. We’re pretty light hearted when it comes to drinking wine, just use common sense again please.

Hens & Bucks parties

It probably goes without saying that wineries can be more than a little apprehensive about Hens and Bucks parties as the perception is that these groups are just after free booze. And as our focus is on wine appreciation, we do ask that if you are booking a Hen/Bucks group, that you do have some interest in wine. So yes to Hens and Bucks, just ask a few intelligent questions and don’t get too messy, you need to pace yourselves after all!

Pick up/Drop off

We can pick you up and drop you off at your home, hotel or other location. We ask for a max of 2 pick up locations as we want you to spend more time enjoying the wine tour and less time touring the far reachers of Canberra’s suburbs.


  • We hire a range of buses to transport our guests ranging from 12-seater mini vans to large 48-seater coaches, all are air-conditioned. I’m sure you’re absolutely fascinated by this but by law we are required to publish the accreditation number of our buses, so here’s a box being ticked
    ACT Bus Accreditation: ACTBS020TC

Other stuff

  • We may occasionally have to alter our itineraries due to weather, road works, demands on the wineries etc. It will still be awesome, just different.
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