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Well, this sure as hell beats writing an essay I reckon.  Tonight, Elle and I are tucking into some Granitevale Estate goodness in the form of Greg Birch`s 2009 Shiraz.  I opened the bottle an hour or so ago but to be honest, it could do with a decanter just to let some oxygen work its magic.  Anyway, time is a wasting.  I swirled the Shiraz around in my glass to open it up a bit and stuck my nose right in deep.  Cherries and some dark chocolate were there.  Hopefully not putting people off but I get some soft tobacco notes as well.  Next, I took a large sip and coated my mouth, pursed my lips and sucked back some O2 as to enhance the flavours on my pallet.  Nice, soft tannins were evident and I consider the acidity to be low to medium.  This Shiraz has length as the flavours stay with me for a while.  Yum!

Shiraz has been around in Australia for a long time.  Since the 1830s in fact.  I`ve heard it said that our Aus Shiraz or Syrah if you hail from the North, is possibly more like the original Shiraz from France.  How is this so?  A little bugger of a bug `Phylloxera` caused the French lots of grief by feeding off the roots and leaves of the vines, gradually cutting off the flow of nutrients.   Lots of vines were re-planted and tinkered with, hence, the style changed a bit.  I could be waffling a bit so hope this makes since.  Anyway readers, I`m off to enjoy Elle`s Massamum Curry now which smells terrific.  I think the Shiraz will be a good friend to the curry.

Cheers – Suits

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Elouise CalabriaWhat we’re drinking tonight