What we’re drinking tonight – Eden Road 2012 Cab Sav

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Following on from a nice cleansing ale up at my local boozer, I toddled home – pushing my little 6 month old daughter.  Tonight I`m going to open a bottle of Eden Road 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon (Gundagai).  I`ve visited this winery a few times now and I have enjoyed the visit each time. It’s well located for a Canberra wine tour as it’s right off the Barton highway, no dirt tracks to this one!  By the way, I think the cellar have actually sold out so I guess if you are interested, you’ll have to try a bottle shop.  Haven’t previously drunk a lot of Canberra Cab Sav.  Ken Helm has a cracking 2010 but don`t recall much else to be honest.

Moving on.  Australia is the fourth biggest grower of Cab Sav and I think we`re doing a great job.  Some people may not know but Chile is right up there with France these days as a massive grower of this varietal.  On to the wine, sorry to waffle.

On the nose, nice plum and a hint of tobacco.  Can`t associate much else.

On the pallet – a light aniseed and some savoury note, almost that farmyard character that is present on some pinots.  Tannin is nice and soft.  Good balance overall and definite length.

I`m not offering too much I know but I like it, hope you do too if you can get your hands on a bottle.

Cheers – Suits

Elouise CalabriaWhat we’re drinking tonight – Eden Road 2012 Cab Sav