What we’re drinking tonight – Barton Estate Sauvignon Blanc

Elouise CalabriaCanberra Wine Tours

Tonight I`m enjoying Barton Estate’s Sauvignon Blanc 2012.  I expect it will work well with Elle`s Thai green curry.  Just a few facts about this grape variety if you will.

Firstly, the origin of this grape variety is Bordeaux in France which has a similar climate to Canberra. Cold winters and hot summers make for happy grapes provided the vines are positioned in a clever spot where they won’t be bollocked by frost.  Cold-air drainage is important in this region.  Our long, cool Autumns help flavour by maintaining balance between acid and sugar.

My experience with this grape is usually a dry wine, although it`s clear some wine-makers like to leave residual sugar for some sweetness.  NZ and France are famous for the stuff, growing a lot more than Australia.  France grow roughly four times the amount we do and NZ about twice as much – I suppose we should let the Kiwis beat us at something other than Rugby…

NZ sauvignon blanc has really taken off over the past few years and while I have tried some fabulous tipples, I do think their savvys are starting to taste a bit samey and, dare I say it, they might head the same way as Australian Chardonnay did in the 80s…you heard it here first! Sticking my nose in the glass, Barton Estate’s sauvignon is not NZ like.  There was subtle fruit, a little green apple and some pear.  I get some passionfruit and really light asparagus.  You might say ‘what are you talking about mate, these are definitely NZ characteristics!`  True!  However, I`d say that the subtly is what makes this wine different.  It`s not that obvious punch in the nose with passionfruit that usually turns me off the NZ versions. I find this Sav B more like the French style with subtle fruit and some minerality. I`m about to tuck into some curry now so I`m going to leave it there.

Elouise CalabriaWhat we’re drinking tonight – Barton Estate Sauvignon Blanc