What we drank last night – Borrodell 2012 Chardonnay

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Borrodell Chardonnay resize A couple of weeks ago my wife, baby daughter and I travelled to Orange NSW, (not    Orange in Provence, France although I hope to get back there one day…) in search of  some tasty cool climate wine.  “It`s here on your door-step you muppet!”, spat the  Vino aficionado.  Well I know that and so do you but I do like to venture out so  Orange is was.  It`s a bit different these days when I visit wineries as my 10month  old daughter Ruby doesn’t seem to appreciate their offerings quite the same way I  do but I refuse to give up on the idea.  In between sipping, spitting and chasing Ruby  around the room, I did taste some quality wine.  Philip Shaw has some amazing  wine among others.

Having bought home some of Orange’s finest (all in the name of research of course),  we decided last night to crack open a bottle of Borrodell Vineyard’s 2012  Chardonnay. One of the oldest wineries in the region, Borrodell was established in 1964 and sits high up on the side of a hill, over 1030m in fact. I tasted a selection of their wines before deciding on the Chardonnay as I’m a bit partial a chardy and this one is a cracker. Accompanying one of Elle`s special dishes (seafood marinara) I swirled the wine in my glass.  Despite the dim lighting in my apartment, I could still see a nice golden tinge which can sometimes indicate age, although not in this case.  The wine had lovely peach aromas tinged with toffee apple – yum! I found bags of flavour on the palate, a nice viscous feel in the mouth and the length just went on and on.  A very enjoyable wine and nice match with the dish also.

When I do return to Orange at some stage, I will look into dining at Borrodell and a possible stay at their accommodation.  According to several Tripadvisor folk, they do a good job so it’s a good excuse to go back…for research of course…


Cheers!    Suits

Elouise CalabriaWhat we drank last night – Borrodell 2012 Chardonnay