What we drank last night – Affleck 2013 Chardonnay

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A few months ago, I ventured out to Bywong.  Quaint part of the world where you can hear the gentle strum of the banjo…it feels fairly removed from Canberra but really only a half hour drive although with our 12 month old daughter protesting loudly in the backseat, it felt a lot longer!  As I gritted my teeth and drove up the dusty road to Affleck Vineyard,  I remarked to the lovely Elouise that this could be a fleeting visit at Affleck my love, she shot back `you don`t say you muppet`!

Anyhoo, we parked the black stallion (our trusty VW golf) and strolled up to the cellar door.  Elle and I were relieved to see some children’s toys near the counter.  Some deep breaths later, we were greeted by the friendly owner and proceeded to taste what was on offer.  We enjoyed the wines overall.  The Chardonnay 2013 stood out for us.  I invested the $25 big ones required and after some more quaffing, meandered through the beautiful Bywong en-route back to the Nation’s Capital.

There is not much detail on the bottle which to be honest, doesn`t really bother me.  The tasting notes I recorded read:  some honey and light oak on the nose.  No mention of oak on the label but I’m pretty confident the caramel I’m getting is a good indication. On the pallet:  green apple, honey and melon.  The flavour stayed with me for a while – good length!  Acidity level is low-medium.  An enjoyable wine overall.  Priced at $25 and you can only buy it at the cellar door but it’s well worth a visit. They do a great Pinot and a lovely Port as well.

Cheers – Suits

Sally HennessyWhat we drank last night – Affleck 2013 Chardonnay