What we drank last night – Riebke 2014 Shiraz

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I popped in to a local wine shop with the idea of bagging a big, full-bodied, fruit-driven red.  I spotted The Riebke 2014 Shiraz from Teusner in the Barossa Valley.  I chose this wine with no pre conceived ideas.  I haven’t tried wines from this vintner before.  The Teusner story is one I can relate to.  Kym Teusner and Mick Page were enjoying a few beers when they overheard the owners of a winery talking about ripping out some really old Grenache vines on their property.  Kym and Mick, nicely lubricated I’d imagine, stepped in with a proposal: “Keep them vines in the ground and we’ll make sure you’re duly compensated” (or words to that effect).  Fast forward about 15 years and Teusner is going from strength to strength.

I identify with this wine story because my vision of Vines & Wines was conceived via copious quantities of the amber nectar and numerous wine tastings.  Anyways, no self- promotion tonight.  I like the fact that Kym and Mick speak about the importance of their growers.  Without the growers, they wouldn’t exist.

Teusner wines range in price from around $20 right up to $160 for their 2012 Righteous FG Shiraz.  Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro feature prominently.

Now, to the wine itself.  There isn’t a lot happening on the nose.  Very subtle.  Some cherry and a light hint of vanilla.  On the pallet, I pick up a light aniseed, leather and spice.  The tannin is nice and soft. This is a very drinkable wine, not particularly complex but a good honest red for a chilly Canberra night.


Vines WinesWhat we drank last night – Riebke 2014 Shiraz