What we drank last night – Clonakilla 2008 Riesling

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Hello again wine lovers! As we are now social distancing and isolating and all that other fun stuff, Scott and I thought we would get organised and bring our wine blog back to life! It gives us a great excuse to try lots of different wines (like we need one!) and also to support our local restaurants. Scott was in charge on Saturday night so here he goes…

It’s been 4 years since I last posted a review to our blog.  Things got too busy but over recent times, having to stay at home has meant time is on my side.  Elle and I thought it would be a good idea to order meals from some of our local restaurants and make Saturday nights a bit of fancy meal and nice wine.

So Saturday night was dinner from Akiba in the city.  I have eaten here about half a dozen times and was happy to hear they were now doing takeaway. After much deliberation we narrowed our dinner down to Crabs bao; prawn dumplings; duck dumplings; king prawn fried rice and beef short ribs in tamarind sauce.  Yum!  Before we ate we opened a 2008 Riesling from Clonakilla.  These guys just don’t disappoint.  Anyone who knows about great wine from Canberra would probably agree that they make wonderful wine.

The colour of the wine was deceiving as my experience with older Rieslings is that they tend to be darker in colour.  An almost golden hue.  Not the case here – it was much lighter than you would expect from a 12 year wine.  An identifier that this wine is Riesling is what some term that petrol type smell.  Definitely not a fault but a thing called TDN which I am not going to bullshit, I don’t understand the science behind it.  Who cares?  The nose:  stone fruit; biscuit and some apple pie.  Not that sharp apple that you (sometimes) get with young Riesling.  The palate: medium acidity, nice level of minerality, full mouth feel with some viscosity.  Like a good wine, it has length and is beautifully balanced.  Overall, a wonderful wine and I am pleased there is dribble left that I will enjoy later on this afternoon.  While this isolating thing sucks, I can think of worse things to be doing than sitting up with Elle enjoying a chat, some yum food and a cracking bottle of wine/s.


Vines WinesWhat we drank last night – Clonakilla 2008 Riesling